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Wooden House signs

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Posted: 05-11-2013 01:38
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Personalised house signs engraved, outline of design factors to assist in your selection


Wooden House Signs

Wood signs custom crafted as unique identity for your wall or display.
Natural timber finish will portray a warmth which will capture the viewers heart.

Style can be as Rustic sign using old style, or an artisan sign with more contemporary feel.

Design of your wooden sign whether for house, or display is dependent on a combination of factors.

  • Timber

Timbers are a natural product, so each piece will vary depending on where the section came from in a tree, and how the tree's environment and weather varied during it's life. This makes each sign a special and uniqe product.

You have control over shade of the timber selecting one which suits the colour and tone to best fit your decore.
No stains are applied unless by special request.

The completed sign is finished with formulated natural decking oil designed to enhance the timber and add UV protection.  You can renew this every 1-2 years with Natural decking oil to replenish the wood,and help maintain freshness to your sign.

Some timbers are not listed with house sign products as they are not ideal for exterior use. Should you wish a special timber then mention this in the provision for special instructions. If your sign is out of weather then we will advise if timber is suitable for your use.

  • Font

There are too many fonts to show all, a selection of more popular ones are shown here

What ever your preference if you are using multiple lines it is often an advantage to use simple fonts when smaller text sizes are used. A more flamboyant font can be used on main title or header of your sign.

  •  Decoration

You can describe what you require, upload your image, or choose from library of motifs on our site. If you need to describe what you require, we have a large library of images to choose from in addition to what is on motive listing

Photos can be adjusted to engrave on timber, and results are stunning. Use crisp images for uploading with your order


Most popular signs are engraved and left with natural burn of laser.

You can also request colour fill in engraving. Common fills are gold, copper, silver, and black.

for a contemporary or casual look, sign can be painted prior to engraving, then engraving reveals natural timber as the image on your sign.

  • Shape

Rectangular shape is most common form for sign. But remember an alternate shape can have big impact on result.

Ovals, are a more traditional old world sign look.

Curved top on your sign can lend itself to text following curvature of sign.

Rustic or random shape is great where you wish sign to look like a natural piece of log engraved with your words and images.

  • Border

An engraved boarder can be simple line or with rounded or scalloped corner

If your mounting is on wall then scalloped border is an ideal point to have holes for this purpose

Rectangular and Oval signs of old are commonly finished with one or two lines as a boarder


  • Size

Most popular signs are 135 mm wide ( tall ) by length from 300 to 1000 mm

Narrower signs of 72 mm wide ( tall ) by length from 150 – 800 mm

or 50 mm wide ( tall ) by length 150 – 600 mm

narrower signs are popular for rooms, garden areas, or where a small sign is more appropriate.

For each width of sign, you can choose length to suit you space or length of name

Your chosen name or words will be set to fit the size you require.

In case of wider signs 270 mm wide ( tall )  see wider signs we offer.

We make even wider ( tall ) by laminating planks together.

We also make garden timber signs on stakes

remember you can request your sign with 2 mount holes centred on your sign so you can mount on your own post or stake.

When you place your order

  •  a proof of your carved wooden sign will be emailed to you for your final check.
  • Once final design is approved our laser team will reproduce engraving exactly as on your approved proof.
  • The unique timber sign will have a one off look depending on the piece of timber and the image you have approved.
  • every piece of timber is unique in grain and look given up by the tree.

For examples of wooden house name signs click here

Should you require a sign made in alternate materials the maybe stainless steel or acrylic may suit your needs
Printed signs can also be well worth exploring, suited to either exterior or interior use.


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