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Timber Sign examples

Wooden House Signs

Custom wooden signs for your House, Gate, Door, Dog Kennel, Play House are a few places where your personalised timber sign will be a finishing touch to your pride and joy.

When you enter your details and selections for your wooden house sign there are examples of signs to give you ideas with your selection
Click detail images for the sign you are working on to see more examples with descriptions

A few general examples of timber signs shown here.
When you order you can choose mounting holes, Stainless steel eye bolts, borders, you can also request a special shape to be cut.

When you place your order, a proof of your carved wooden sign will be emailed to you for your final check.

Choosing your timber tends to be more your preference to natural shade you are looking for. Timbers are left natural with UV filter Oil applied to timber to extend wood life, You can renew this every 12-24 months with Natural decking oil to refresh the timber and help maintain freshness to your sign.
Every order a proof is sent for your approval with anny changes emailed back to you for final approval prior to any engraving.
Once approved our high tech laser will reproduce engraving exactly as on your approved proof.
The unique timber sign will have a one off look depending on the piece of timber and the image you have approved.
Your one off laser carved wooden sign will give a unique first impression to your visitors.

Silky Oak white fill
Example of Silky Oak
450 x 120 mm x 20 mm  ( 18" x 4.5" x 3/4" )
Double scallop border Times New Roman
White Filled engraving
Red gum sign engraved with 4 mounting holes
Example of Red Gum sign
Australian Red Wood is long enduring Dense hard wood of Eucalyptus family
500 x 135 mm x 19 mm  ( 31" x 5" x 3/4" )
Times  New Roman

Cypress sign horse image
Example of Cypress sign
Australian strong grain appearance
500 x 135 mm x 30 mm  ( 31" x 5" x 1 1/4"  ) Horse image Engraved
No Mounting Holes

Huon Pine engraved images and text Stainless steel eye bolts
Example of Huon Pine sign
Tasmanian Blond wood pine
very weather resistant
500 x 135 mm x 19 mm  ( 31" x 7" x 3/4" ) Papryus font with two symbols engraved
Stainless eye bolts  and wall mounting holes as alternate mounting.
Treated Pine larger sign with photo and text engraving
Treated Pine

800 x 350 x 40 mm
Photo and story engraved
Lucida Calligraphy
multiple lines of text.


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