Sliding Office Door Signs

Ensure your office functions smoothly with the right signs 

Streamline processes at your office and add a professional touch with conference room slider signs from MyChoice@Firebridge. Our conference room slider signs are ideal for use in meeting rooms, conference rooms, medical examination rooms, first aid rooms and interview rooms to communicate to others in the building.

Various changes of status are available, including ON/OFF, training room, consultation room or anything else to display the message you require. The room name can be engraved, or left blank as you require. Some wording options include vacant, in use, occupied, blank and do not disturb, allowing you to keep your office functioning the way you would like it.

You can also nominate various names for different conference rooms throughout your office to allow for easy identification among staff.

When you get your conference room slider signs from MyChoice@Firebridge, you will also be able to choose from motifs or images to be engraved or printed onto the signs. A green status option is also available, allowing for easy identification of whether a room is vacant or in use.

Allow for smoother processes at your office and easy identification of the status of various rooms by getting your conference room slider signs from MyChoice@Firebridge. 

Use for Meeting rooms, Conference room signs,  Medical examination Rooms, First Aid Rooms, Interview Rooms,

Devices eg ON OFF, Training room, Consutation Room, wherever you wish to be able to show change in status of room, appliance, machine, or Switch board.

Room name can be blank, or enrgaved as you require.

Room status wording can be chosen to suit your needs. eg Vacant, In Use, Occupied, Blank, Do Not Disturb,
or any special wording you can enter in the special instructions box. For say conference room in use sign you can nominate name of conference room.

motif or images engraved or printed if required.

Special sets can be designed to order for IN OUT designation to suit your needs

Green / Red Status standard eg  VACANT  IN USE 

 This ensures good visual cue for room status is easily seen or choose colour to match slider plate

Mount can be attached by

  • Using your own adhesive, screws, or velcro
  • Adhesive ( supplied on back of track ) this is default format.

Training room sign with red and green highlight

Conference Room sign Red highlight on In Use


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