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Laser engraved Timber Urns 

Personalised urns made to order or from our selected sizes. or send in details for a custom designed wooden urn.

Each face of Urn can be individually engraved. Special Family sets can be produced for each member of family to have their own Urn of a Father Mother or Loved one.

After a cremation, a memorial urn specially designed to suit your family situation will ensure memories are kept for the future

Urn Use

Urn size

A guide to size is 100 Kg of weight ( healthy ) required about 2.6 Lt volume.
Always allow extra space for safety
In old measure 1 lb = 1 cubic inch ( cubic inch = 11.5 cc or .0115 Lt. )


Timber Urns of Distinction

Custom Engraved in your selected Timber Price is calculated by the options you choose

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Wooden pet urn cremation box small

Timber Urn Jarrah, Australian Blackwood, Tasmanian Ash, American Cherry, Walnut

190 x 130 x 100 mm Photo frame on top for 150 x 100 mm ( 6" x 4") 

146 x 96 mm photo visible.

Optional engraving on timber front and sides

$ 87.00
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Jarrah pet urn cremation box large

Jarrah Urn 240 x 190 x130 mm

Photo frame on top for 200 x 150 mm ( 8" x 6")

160 x 110 mm visible ( 8" x 6") and engraving on timber front and sides

$ 116.00
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Urn 1200 ml 225 x 150 x 140 mm

Timber Urn 225 x 150 mm x 140 mm 

Photo Face option and engraving on timber or Plate

$ 186.00
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