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Photo Prints

Colour printed Photographs and images

Cotton canvas colour printed

You supply your photograph or illustration ( Uploaded at time or order entry )
Provide instructions for any effect or cropping required
Proof supplied if required or any question regarding results expected so you can preview prior to print
Image prints on range of stock materials and formats
see below, or contact us if you require something not shown

How big can I go with this image?

You can go as big as you like, but the resolution (amount of information) will determine how far back from the print you need to view it for it to look as you expect.
It is a difficult question to answer as the subject of the image can also affect how large you can print it before it starts to deteriorate in quality.
For prints around A2 420 x 594 mm (16 x 24 inch) or smaller, anything between 150 and 300dpi is best. The higher the better.
For larger prints, 150dpi is recommended, but 72-80 dpi is usually more than adequate for large backgrounds.


Cropping of images

 Cropping will often improve the subject matter,
 keep in mind this will reduce pixels in photo thus reducing Ideal print size


Also see Printed Signs ( House and Office )


Memorial Ceramic Tile 96 x 96 mm

Colour printed ceramic tile 96 x 96 mm

optional garden stake

$ 49.00
(6 reviews)  
Colour print | Engrave on Glass, Acrylic, Timber 140 x 140 mm

140 x 140 plate Printed or engraved

$ 80.00
(0 reviews)  
iFrame Mounted Canvas print

iFrame with mounted canvas

Upload your Image

$ 85.00
(0 reviews)  
Colour print on Glass, Acrylic, Timber 275 x 200 mm

Colour printed panels with desk stand 275 x 200 mm

optional engraving as you require

$ 135.00
(1 reviews)  
Jigsaw 395 x 298 mm Your photo

Timber cut custom 395 x 298 mm Jigsaw puzzle with your photo print on timber

$ 49.50
(12 reviews)  
300 mm Canvas / Linen

UV Cured Pigment ink printed Canvas or Linen Choose Length

Upload your Image

$ 25.00
(0 reviews)  
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