Custom Engraving

Much of what we produce is made using our selection of high-quality supplied materials. You can also supply your products or materials for engraving and cutting to our experts. Surfaces engraved must be in one plane per engrave as laser is focused on a plane. Recessed areas can be engraved in most cases in a separate pass to ensure that no details are overlooked.

Items of Cylindrical shape can be rotary engraved with laser.

  • Engraving area is 1245 x 710 mm
  • Rotary engraving up to 250 mm in Diameter
  • Small cylindrical items e.g. 4 mm diameter require a mandrel to hold item during engraving.

Your own images or design can be used, or we can design to your needs. All design layout is to be emailed to the client as a .pdf file for approval prior to engraving of product. For Signs and plates as used on Instrument faces, doors, panels etc. Click Here

3D Engraving

Your own images and photos can be engraved in 3D, creating an eye-catching and detailed image. The resulting effect can be dramatic relief of you graphic. Darker colours are engraved to the deepest depths, while white tones and colours are not engraved. Example in Pine:-

3D engraved pine

Commonly laser engraved materials

  • Acrylic - Mirrored
  • Alluminium - Anodized
  • Brass - Coated
  • Cork
  • Corian / Avoinite / Fountainhead
  • Delrin ( Seal Press )
  • Glass / Crystal
  • Ceramics
  • Leather
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Terracotta
  • Tiles
  • Mat Board
  • Melamine
  • Plastic - Engravers as for signs
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Wood / Wood Inlay

Acrylic - Cast and Extruded

Laser cut acrylic componentexample ( design Brendan Parsons )

Acrylic Engraving

At MyChoice@Firebridge we can also conduct detailed acrylic engraving, ensuring that the design remains visible in the material for decades to come without showing signs of wear or degradation. To learn more about the benefits of acrylic engraving Melbourne residents can call us today on 0419 356 559.

Engraving and Marking of Metals

Black or Dark Anodising Hard or normal finish provides the best contrast with Metallic alluminium visible in engraved area. Fine detail can be reproduced if surface is smooth.Supply your product in any of Materials below for Coding, Barcodes, Identification etc.

Typical applications are in coding of Tools, Surgical Instruments, Parts, for identification and security purpose.

Individual serial Numbers can be applied in sequence to a batch or items

Aluminium Cover engravedAnodised Aluminium

Engraved Camera AluminiumRed anodized Camera Back

Stainless Steel markingPolished Aluminium Ceramic Bonded to Aluminium

Other Metals

Stainless Memory Stick markingstainless steel

The following are marked by applying a ceramic fluid to metal, we can laser anneal a black mark on the surface to provide vivid clarity, suitable for industrial situations.

Marks on metal have withstood military lubricants, salt water spray, high heat and abrasion tests.

  • stainless steel
  • aluminum
  • tin
  • copper
  • brass
  • chromed steel
  • titanium
  • tungsten carbide
  • lead-coated steel
  • niobium
  • tantalum
  • silver
  • gold
  • palladium
  • platinum
  • pewter

Test Results on  Stainless Steel

Silver markingsilver

Silver bell markingsilver

Engraving and Marking of Ceramics Stone and Glass.

Individual materials each give differing results

  • TerraCotta, and Brick engrave to a Dark brown
  • Black marble to a White / Grey
  • Granite to a White / Grey
  • Colouring can be added as a coating and fused to become part of the Glass / Ceramic / Stone substrate.
    Colours avaiable are:-
    • Black
    • Bronze
    • White
    • Red
    • Green
    • Blue
  • UV cured printing with white and CMYK colour is also available.

Knife laser markedKitchen Ware

Bone and timber handled items

Corian items

For signs and memorial stones


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