Crafts and Hobbies

Craft and Hobby Components

Laser Cut and Engraved ( etched ) parts and components for Craft and Hobby use.

Special support for Australian timber and plywood components for wood turners.

Model builders, we provide engraving services to  make anything you can supply as a drawing in Corel or dxf file.

Example shown 3 mm mdf laser engraved for texture and cut as part of wall.

Wall engraved timbers and window features

Metal Marking

Most metals can be marked with laser. the result is black image fused into surface of metal

UV Cured Ink Printing

One to multiple on Boards, Timbers, Fabric, Acrylic, Glass

Waterproof and weatherproof

Model parts

With recent requests for model components. Items suitable for 1/48 scale will be added.

As a result stocks of 1mm and 1.5 mm 3 ply woods will expanded to cover many small elements such as Door, furniture, windows.

Most wall components can be cut 2 mm mdf or 1.2 mm cotton press board.

Common scales in models

N Scale Miniatures

1/16"=1' (1:160)

HO Scale Miniatures

1/8"=1' (1:87)

O Scale Miniatures

1/4"=1' (1:48) or (1:45)

Half Scale Minis

1/2"=1' (1:25)

G Scale Minis

3/8"=1' (1:22)

Dollhouse Scales

1"=1' (1:12)  "1/4 scale" = 1/4"=1' 1:48 ( O Scale )

Just send us details of what you are looking for and we will advise you by email

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