Personalised Jigsaw Puzzles

Fun that’s tailored to your family!

For a truly fun family memento, consider MyChoice@Firebridge’s personalised jigsaw puzzles! We custom-create wooden jigsaws using laser technology, transferring the image of your desire or engraving the jigsaw puzzle from quality timber or on a craft wood base. For your customised photo jigsaw puzzle choose your desired size, enter the text and photo you want, then select pieces across and down to determine the number of pieces you want.

A layout will then be prepared by our professionals and emailed to you for your approval before creating your jigsaw puzzle. Using accurate lasers to precisely cut and shape perfectly interlocking pieces, we can create a beautiful and personal mosaic that will last for years to come. 

Make memories with a unique jigsaw 

Personalised Wooden Jigsaw 

A custom jigsaw is an excellent gift for someone special, especially family members.  Larger pieces are ideal for wedding invites and can be easily signed by the bride, groom, or guests. You can also design custom jigsaws for training or highlighting your course points. Our superior and durable personalised wooden jigsaws are perfect for a number of other uses:

  • For children’s gifts – make sure to select pieces that are the right size and difficulty to be age appropriate for the child. Great for birthdays and remembering special moments.
  • Printed/engraved jigsaw with optional engraved timber box optional with larger size puzzles. Select number of pieces and upload your photo with your order.
  • For weddings – choose fewer pieces for larger sections so that your guests can have room to add comments to the pieces.

To speak to our team about the unique and rewarding gift of a personalised jigsaw puzzle call on 0419 356 559.

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        • Jigsaw 395 x 298 mm Your photo

          Score: 4.9 (votes: 12)
          Reviews: 12
          • $49.50
          Sorry, we only have 948 of that item available
              • Jigsaw 190 mm Heart Your photo

                Score: 5.0 (votes: 4)
                Reviews: 4
                • $42.00
                Sorry, we only have 971 of that item available
                    • Jigsaw 600 x 420 mm Your photo

                      Score: 5.0 (votes: 7)
                      Reviews: 7
                      • $107.00
                      Sorry, we only have 971 of that item available

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