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Hot lamination

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Posted: 16-03-2014 12:00
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Lamination for protection

  • physical protection
  • chemical protection
  • improved lightfastness for exterior use

Hot or Cold Lamination

New machine set up for purpose of lamination November 2012

Laminator Hot or cold films

With our High definition printing, it has been found that for subsequent laser cutting

Pre lamination over the surface improves the results of cut edges, keeping clean and protected surface over the print.

On most surfaces Hot lamination is used. BOPP ( Bi axially oriented polypropylene ) with Polyethylene backing is heat fused over the print. Film is stocked to suit digital printed materials to produce either a high gloss or matt finish.

Lamination can be 1 sided or 2 sided ( encapsulated ) depending on requirements.

If the result is to be mounted onto board then mounting is achieved with 2 sided cold acrylic permanent mounting adhesive.

Materials up  to 650 mm wide and 6 mm thick can be laminated and or bonded.

This complements our existing custom products and will improve the results for sign materials and range of gift related products.

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