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Agate Sections

Memorial Plates

Polished agate rock sections

Many colours
and sizes are stocked
Sizes vary from
50 mm to over 100 mm
every piece is unique
Engraving is white
Pink Agate memorial rock Engraved with photo and text
Pink example
Photo and text
78 x 110 mm
6 mm thick
Black agate memorial stone engraved Dog photo and text
Black example
Photo and text
85 x 60 mm
6 mm thick
Pet rock memorial in dull green agate engraved graphics and text
Green example
Photo and text 90 x 90 mm
6 mm thick
Memorial stone green agate engraved photo and text
Green agate 100 x 90 mm
engraved photo and text
ideal for pet memorials in your garden
Agate memorial stone Printed agate
Memorial stone in pink agate 120 x 120 mm
Colour printed for exterior use
Name in shaded pink text in white, graphics in colour
Gift certificates