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Memorial Plates

Examples of memorial plates using acrylic

Red gum memorial plaque with printed or engraved face plate
300 x 180 mm
Red gum Oval 18 mm thick
6 mm Acrylic face
Engraved from back
Green backing
Gold fill
Memorial Plaque square with reverse engraved or colour printed back
140 x 140 mm
6 mm thick
Engraved from back ( or colour printed )
Cream backing
Black fill
Brush gold exterior memorial plaque black engraving
140 x 140 mm Brush gold metallic for exterior use
1.5 mm thick
Engraved face
Black engraving
no Fil
Memorial plaque circular acrylic reverse printed or engraved
40 x 140 mm Circluar acrylic memorial plate
6 mm thick
Engraved from back ( or reverse colour printed )
Black  backing
White fill
Memorial plate reverse engraved acrylic with engraved back copper background
140 x 140 mm acrylic memorial plate
6 mm thick
Engraved from back
Copper backing
Black fill
Memorial plate laser cut acrylic heart with reverse print or engraving
250 x 250 mm acrylic memorial plaque. Laser cut heart
6 mm thick
Engraved or reverse colour print from back
1 Mask Gold fill
2 Mask White fill
3 Mask Copper fill
Engraved Black fill
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