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We have remained with X-cart with various upgrades; Latest Version 4.7 until now.
For many months we considered the many new offering of shopping sites. After long testing we decided that X-cart 5.5 offers the smoothest change to a modern Secure and easily managed site.

The X-cart team have managed the transition to test site with imported data. Despite the complex set of addons we had; particularly SEO URL and tag management, X-cart team ensured no loss in all tags, this went very well. As a result we could concentrate on polishing the new site to best take advantage of huge range of new features.
On 27/06/2023 the new site went live, and with ongoing support of X-cart team we did so with minimal down time. Any issues were fixed immediately on advising.
I must thank the X-cart team for great guidance and quick support through the process. It is good to be part of an ongoing system and team with regular updates to keep site modern and secure.

Wooden desk signs for professional

Wooden desk signs  for the professional

New graduate or established in your business. You can present your information of who you are in a quiet and respectful way.

Use the time tested way with engraved brush metallic plate on your choice of timber base.

Various sizes are made to order. Each item when ordered is drawn up and emailed to you for your checking prior to production. You can choose to have your logo  engraved or printed in colour.

Check the many varieties to suit your situation and image. You can also have door sign made to compliment what you have on your desk.

See range of Office and Desk signs

Great Ideas for Mum This Mother’s Day

Great Ideas for Mum This Mother’s Day

Although it might still be a few weeks away, considering how fast this year has gone already, there’s no doubt Mother’s Day is going to hit us sooner than we expected. And it’s never too late to start planning an amazing present for your favourite person in the world – your mum! Mother’s Day is always a time of opportuniity to show you care – “what on earth do I get Mum – a woman who already has everything?” This is one question we always ask ourselves, and the answer could be easier than you think. 
You might be sitting there wondering how you could possibly repay the person who gave you life and taught you how to use a spoon… and while of course you can never really repay her, you can certainly give it a good shot by treating her to a Mother’s Day she will never forget. Celebrate your mum and give her the gift of love, thoughtfulness and happiness – with one, or some, of these fantastic tips: 
.1. The simple thing – head on over to her house and simply spend some time with her. Ultimately, Mum will be still love you even if you don’t get her anything special for Mother’s Day. It’s the nature of a parent’s unconditional love for their children. So, if you can’t afford to get your mother some sort of special gift, then simply spending time with her will doubtlessly suffice. Eat dinner at her home. Or if you prefer to get out with her for a while, go for a walk, a hike or a bike ride. Whatever your preference, simply spending time with your mother will be so much more meaningful than all of the gifts in the world. 
2. A fancy meal at her favourite restaurant. Most of us have a favourite restaurant, or one we’d love to go to if we could afford it. Your mother is no different. A great ‘gift’ for Mum might be to take her to that restaurant she’s always wanted to go, but could never afford. Order all five courses with dessert! She’ll never forget it and it’s a great way to thank her tummy for all that hard work it did growing you. 
3. Something personal. The personal touch is always nice. Perhaps there’s a favourite photo of you and your mother that you’ve always wanted to have framed and presented to her? The engravement of something personal is also a nice touch to add. Perhaps you’d like to get her a new set of engraved glasses? If your mother is into jigsaws to pass her time, engraved jigsaw puzzles are also an option. Custom engraved glass’s are also a popular hit with mothers — again, utilise a picture of the two of you. 
4. Classic Gifts. Chances are, there’s something your Mum has been looking to buy forever — whether that’s a new purse, a new watch, some new clothing, perhaps? Whatever your mother has been looking for, but unable to find or purchase herself, now might be a good time for you to do that for her. Look around online if things have been eluding your mother in the store. Or, go with your gut and buy something that you think she’ll like, or noticed that she needs but doesn’t currently own. 
5. A present from afar. Say, in the unfortunate case that circumstances do not allow for you and your Mum to be together on Mother’s Day, perhaps you could try sending her a gift from afar? You might look into arranging a spa-treatment day for her at her nearest spa, or, if you can afford it, paying for a weekend away trip for her — with all the trimmings that come with that. Depending on the type of person she is, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a weekend spent in a five-star hotel. Perhaps a retreat might be an option? 
No matter what you decide to do in celebration of your mother, she will appreciate it. Whether it’s an expensive clothing item, a weekend away, or simply a conversation by phone from a distance, your mother will appreciate any of your gifts, because for her she already has the greatest gift of all — you. 

Jigsaw puzzles are great gifts with added benefits

Jigsaw puzzles are great gifts with added benefits
When it comes to buying your friends and family something special, it’s easy to run out of ideas, particularly if you’ve been buying them presents for years. At some point, you’re going to think they have everything, what more could they possibly need? And that’s where we come in. 
Many consider puzzles a toy for kids, but more and more research is supporting the idea that jigsaw puzzles can help keep the mind sharp, well into one’s adult life. Besides keeping one occupied for hours on end, and at other times causing frustration as you try to patch together pieces of sky, jigsaw puzzles have a number of benefits. 
Jigsaw puzzles especially are able to support in the improving of our short-term memory. When you’re trying to decide where a specific puzzle piece goes, you’re comparing the images in front of you to memories of the entire picture as well as sections you’ve already completed, trying to determine if it matches up with any of those. 
They’re also good for developing ingenuity. While everyone knows that you start with the edges and work inwards, each puzzle is different and requires a new approach. Trying to figure out strategies to complete your puzzle is good practice in problem solving. Identifying specific objects to complete, that will assist in completing the overall puzzle, helps develop that. 
Jigsaw puzzles also help one relax, putting the mind in a meditative state. We’re sure everyone has experienced those times when you completely zone out from everything, focusing just on the puzzle piece in front of you, trying to figure out where it goes. Many of us live extremely busy lives, and the opportunity to forget about the stresses of life and focus on one thing is not something we get to do very often. 
Along with relaxing, the solving of puzzles also assists in dopamine production. Each small success that is made as the puzzle progresses adds to this experience. Dopamine release helps with concentration and confidence, and even assists in reinforcing learning. 
As such jigsaw puzzles can make great gifts for people of all ages. You’ve probably considered puzzles and games, maybe even jigsaw puzzles themselves – beautiful pictures of Paris or Big Ben; but who wants to receive a puzzle of a random drawing, or a photo of a place they’ll never travel to? Instead of buying a jigsaw from your nearest department store, have you ever thought about going one step above and beyond and personalising those jigsaw puzzles and getting their favourite photos on them, a special message just for them, or just an image that you know will mean a lot? It’s a great way to surprise someone as well — imagine giving your partner a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas, and when they put it together it says “Will you marry me?” Imagine the look of surprise on their face, not to mention, it is something they can treasure forever! 
These days you can have your own puzzles made with any design you choose. Most popular are photos of family, whether it be portraits or pictures from a special event, and it is a fantastic way to capture a moment forever. There are some great options for design as well, including things like Timber Aztec puzzles that are crafted in timber with a matching box or tray, photo prints on craft wood or timber in a range of sizes up to 50cm, or you could go for a shape – such as a circle or a love heart. Want something simple? Get someone’s name cut in; or consider a memory stimulation puzzle for someone who is suffering from stroke or dementia (use an image of when the receiver was younger and it may help to trigger their memory as they piece together the puzzle). 
The biggest benefit is that this is the gift that keeps on giving. They can be enjoyed by everyone. They show the person receiving them that a bit of thought and effort went into the gift, and jigsaw puzzles can even be framed and hung on the wall, no longer relegated to temporary life on the kitchen table. We’re not saying a custom jigsaw puzzle is the perfect gift, but we are saying you’re going to battle to find a better one. 

Choose an animal design to match personality for engraving

How to choose an animal design to match personality

One of the best things about engraving and printing is the variety of designs you can choose from, and one of those is choosing animal motif images. A great idea is to get an animal motif that suits the personality of the recipient – this is not only a thoughtful present, it’s also a fun one! 
If you’re looking into animals, it is important to know that animal totems can actually play an important role in our lives as they capture our imagination and help us on the path to self-discovery. If there is a particular animal you’ve always been drawn to, it’s likely this is your animal totem and there is a reason you’ve always felt connected. It’s an interesting concept. 
If you’re not sure what animal the recipient of your gift likes most, choose one that you believe represents their personality. Here are some ideas for animal motifs, and the meanings: 
BEAR: The bear is both a tranquil animal, and a powerful one. It represents strength and offers support during difficult times. The bear is a symbol of bravery, peace, motherhood, duality, fearlessness, confidence and courage. If your gift recipient has these qualities, there are some fantastic bear motifs to choose from (and if you’re looking for a child who you want to grow up having these qualities – you might choose a teddy bear for fun!). 
CAT: A cat represents someone who is good at keeping secrets. Someone who is astute, intelligent, adventurous and independent. They are resourceful and represent the need for change. This is a great idea as a gift for someone who is just graduating from college or who has been going through a difficult period lately. 
FROG: If you are drawn to frogs, it could mean you are able to face difficult situations with ease. You don’t hold onto anger or bitterness, instead wanting to release those emotions so you can enjoy life. Frogs guide people to take better care of themselves, physically or mentally. If you are hoping to cheer someone up, a frog motif is a great idea. 
DOLPHIN: If you want to wish someone good luck, a dolphin is a great motif to choose. For centuries, sailors around the world have thought of dolphins as good omen when travelling the seas. Dolphins are playful, protective and peaceful and are ideal if your recipient is self confident, has good morals and great inner strength. 
FISH: The fish represents someone who is fiercely independent and who has the ability to adapt easily to a range of circumstances. This is a great motif to give to someone who is graduating or moving on into a new role. It will help to give them the courage and strength to take on their new challenges. 
BUTTERFLY: Butterflies are amazing creates. They start as a caterpillar, build a home for themselves, and then emerge as an endearing creature that everyone loves. If you’re considering this as a motif for a gift for someone, they are ideal as a symbol of personal transformation and change. It stands for life cycle change and renewal. They are great for wedding gifts, birthday presents, graduations and for a grieving gift to help someone move forward into the next step of their life. 
HORSE: A horse motif is fantastic for someone who loves adventure and who is about to embark on a new phase in their life. The horse represents a drive for success, someone who is passionate and motivated. It helps people to achieve their goals in life. 
DOG: The dog represents someone who is loyal and intelligent, resourceful and protective. To the Chinese, dogs are considered to be a harbinger of friendship. A dog as a symbol shows you have a lot of love to give and that you have no problem succeeding in the background, while someone else takes the spotlight. If someone needs a little extra love or support, or is a great friend, this is a great motif to choose. 
Whatever symbol you choose as the motif for your next gift, try to think about the recipient and where they are in their life. Your choice could help them along the way. 

Check our library of animal images Colour or Black/White or email any image you prefer with your order. You can find many on Google search under images

Funny Sayings to engrave on gifts

Funny sayings to get engraved on your next gift

Purchasing someone an engraved gift is not only thoughtful, but it’s also unique and it’s a great way to show people how much you care. 

It’s also a great way to make someone smile, regardless of whether you are buying them a bereavement or memorial gift, a birthday present or a farewell. These days, people are getting more creative than ever when it comes to giving presents and there are so many different options available for products that you can get engraved. 

Some of our favourite ideas for presents in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year includes photo albums, which provide a way for loved ones to hold onto hard copies of precious memories; and Personalised Glassware, which includes options such as the beer glass engraved set and whisky or wine glasses

That is just a few ideas but really the options are endless. It depends on the type of message you are hoping to portray, the person you are giving it to (or in memory of) and a range of different options that you can look into when you’re deciding on the right design to suit. 

Once you choose a gift, the decision of what you should say can be even harder. Usually people opt for something short but sweet, however with all the frustrations of modern day living, there are many people out there who are now focusing more on positive messages, or messages that are designed to make the recipient smile or laugh, no matter what the occasion might be! 

If you’re having trouble trying to decide on a message for your gift for someone, we thought we’d help out and make things a bit easier on you. We did our research and found some of the funniest or best sayings to get engraved to make someone smile or laugh. 

 No wise man ever wished to be any younger than he was. 
 Old enough to know better… young enough to still do it. 
 Another year, another new place that aches. 
 It’s nice to be young, healthy and full of energy. Do you remember what that used to feel like? 
 It’s proven that at the age 41 you start to lose your memory. We can only hope! 
 Better to be over the hill than buried under it. 
 Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest. 
 Birthdays are like boogers. The more you have, the harder it is to breathe! 
 Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake. 
 Can you sniff all of these candles or should I call the fire department? 

 Good friends never say goodbye, they simply say “see you soon” 
 Relax, enjoy yourself, try something new. 
 All beautiful moments do not last long, except in our memory. 
 Treat each day as your last; one day you will be right. 
 Failure is not an option. It’s bundled with your software. 

 Honesty is the key to a relationship. If you can fake that, you’re in. 
 A day without your love is a day without life. 
 A kiss that tells it all is seldom a first edition. 

 You are so lucky it wasn’t you. 
 Better them, than you. No, really, I’m serious. 
 Roses are red, violets are blue, I am so glad it wasn’t you. 

 When your only tool is a hammer, all problems start looking like nails. 
 Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity. 
 I don’t have a solution, but I do admire the problem. 
 The only substitute for good manners is fast reflexes. 
 I started with nothing, and I still have most of it. 
 Ever stop to think, and forget to start again? 
 There is no dance without the dancers. 
 If nothing was learned, nothing was taught. 
 Always remember you’re unique, just like everyone else. 
 Confession is good for the soul, but bad for your career. 

Jesus loves you, it’s everybody else that thinks you’re an a… 

Show your appreciation: ways to say “thank you”

Show your appreciation: ways to say “thank you”

The English language is a powerful thing and there are two little words that generally mean more to someone than anything else – thank you. It’s something most of us say at least once every day, and best of all – it’s free.
Whether you’re simply being polite (if someone hands you a meal for dinner at a restaurant), or you are truly telling someone you love that you appreciate something amazing they have done for you – there’s nothing quite like hearing “thank you”.
So why is saying thank you so important? It is simple really. It shows someone they are appreciated and being appreciated is something that motivates people – whether in the office or in the home. In the home, you might want to show your wife you appreciate everything she has done to prepare a dinner for the family; show your child you are proud that they have worked hard to achieve good grades at school; or show your husband you love the renovation he’s just finished in the bathroom. In the office, telling one of your staff members they have done a good job will not only keep them motivated to continue to do good work, but it will also help to retain them as employees.
Feeling appreciated goes a long way!
Saying thank you is pretty easy. The best way to go about it is to make eye contact with the person you are thanking (that helps them to believe you are being sincere); give them a huge smile; be clear when you speak and keep your tone friendly; and make sure you tell them exactly what you are thanking them for.
If you don’t feel like that’s enough, one of our favourite ways to say thank you to those who matter is to give them a special gift that they can keep as a momento of the occasion.

Here are some ideas:
Custom engraved Acrylic Awards: Acrylic awards are a unique and modern way to show someone you appreciate them. Get them laser engraved with any type of message (of course a simple “thank you” would suffice but no doubt you can find something better) and you’ve given someone a gift that will last forever. These are fantastic in the workplace, but are also a great Father’s Day or Mother’s Day present to show your parents how much you appreciate everything they have done for you over the years. Custom designs are available, or you can choose one of the styles available online already.
Award Plaques: It might sound strange to give someone a plaque to say “thank you”, but you have to admit – it is original. And there is no doubt the recipient is going to be impressed. These plaques are available in crystal and glass which can be engraved or colour printed – presented in a protective gift box as an added bonus; timber – made with engraved metalic or marbelised face and with optional printing and either wall mounted or desk mounted; and black marble with can have a special custom design with timber base.
Glass Awards: These are most popular with sporting events but also make a great thank you for your staff, for encouragement, or to show appreciation with a little bit of fun. You can get these engraved with your logo, text or an image. A great idea for a loved one is to get a photo engraved in them. You might choose from popular options like champagne flutes or wine glasses, and you might add an engraved timber box to the mix. They become a permanent keepsake.
Saying thank you not only helps the person you are thanking to feel good, but it is guaranteed to give you the warm and fuzzies as well. It’s always nice to know you are making someone feel better about themselves. And more than that, showing someone gratitude will result in positive payback for you – in the home and the office.
How often do you say thank you? And who do you think you need to say thank you more often to?
Check out our range of products; and give the gift of appreciation to someone in your life who truly deserves it.

Traffolyte labels | plates

We are sometimes asked for traffolyte labels or plates

This is a brand name from early to mid 20th century used initially to identify specifications on transformers

They were made from layers of coloured phenolic resin when top layers were mechanically engraved, the colours beneath were revealed in the engraving.
Due to the later known hazards of phenolics there were replaced, and the brand no longer exists.

Today the plates are made from layers of Acrylic co-polymers which are not hazardous to use.

Mechanical engraving is not mostly replaced with laser engraving and cutting allowing for a more versatile range of engraved marking signs and products Check here for custom plates

Getting in early: Great ideas for Christmas presents before the rush

Christmas might still be a couple of months away, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be planning for it already. You may have already booked in holiday accommodation where your family gathers for the holidays, and you may even have planned what you are going to be cooking this year. If you have a large family, chances are you need to spread out the gift budget over a few months to make sure everyone is looked after and catered for. Finding the right gifts within your budget constraints can be difficult, but it can be done. 
When it comes to catering for a broad range of personalities, you have thousands of options for gifts, but if you want it to be really personalised, a great idea to do this is with engraving, hand-painting or etching. The age old art of engraving dates back over half a million years, and although a little different to what it was way back then, the basis is still the same. Modern technology now makes it very easy to customise gifts, the same way the ancient Indonesians carved inscriptions and images on shells, and bones. Unique and personalised, it’s one of the best ways to show someone how much you care. 
Because there are so many different ways to impress with a customised gift, we have put together the perfectly diverse range of Christmas gifts that can be personalised for anyone. 

Photo Albums: 

Photo albums are a fantastic gift for the family member who likes to hold onto precious memories in the one place. With modern digital technology, and with online storage available for all of your photographs and files, the personal touch has somewhat been lost. Physical photo albums will show generations to come that photographs were once something you held in your hands and looked at, not something you scrolled and swiped on a screen. The perfect way to reconnect the generations is through physical photographs, and for the perfect storage, a customised photo album is the key. 
Metal portrait portfolio photo album 

A classic cloth bound refillable photo album with a brushed aluminium cover is great for engraving a personalised message, and can be shared for generations to come. 
Combo Wood Photo Album 

Another great option for photo albums are a Combo Wood Photo Album crafted from Rosewood and Maple. These albums hold up to two hundred 4×6 inch photos, and can be personalised with text and an engraved Monogram, Photo, or Drawing. 

Photo Frame family jigsaw frames

Build a memory with annual additions using frames of timber cut to be jigsaw pieces to take a new addition each year

Personalised Glassware: 

For the family member who loves a drink, there are many options available, whether they are a whiskey lover, a beer drinker or a wine connoisseur. A genuinely unique way to present a set of drinking glasses as a gift is in a customised engraved or etched timber box or carry case, and your family member will remember every time the go to have a drink, just how much you think of them. There are a number of great options available, and here are a few to get your mind ticking over. 
285ml Beer glass engraved Set 2 in timber box 

A set of 2 engraved beer glasses are perfect for the beer loving family member. ( set 4 )Their drinking buddies will be in awe as they open the personalised timber box to see their name and message engraved on the glasses themselves. 
Whisky Glass set 4 Carry Box 

For the whiskey lover, the choice glass is a very personal thing for the drinker. A whisky tumbler is used to serve Scotch and other whisky straight or with on the rocks, however some whisky lovers prefer a rounded glass for more expensive whiskies. Why not get the whisky lover a set of 4 Whisky glasses in an engraved timber carry box? 
Rona boxed wine glass 
For the wine lover, a boxed set of Rona wine glasses with an engraved message complete with a personalised timber box is the perfect gift. And why not top it off with a customised engraved 700mL decanter bottle with stopper, with a personalised photo crest or message for your loved one. ¨C14C Whether its memories to share, or memories to create, there’s a way to personalise for anyone, but personalised gifts need to be purchased early so you beat the Christmas rush. 

What’s the right message for your engraved product

When it comes to engraving, the options these days are endless and there are so many different things you can get your message etched on.
Whether it’s a gift for someone for a birthday, wedding or other special occasion; a memorial stone for a pet or an urn for a loved one; or a sign for your office; whatever you’re considering getting engraved, the most important thing is that you get the message right.
Here are some ideas of what you can consider getting engraved to suit the occasion:

Generally if you’re getting a sign engraved you only want to include the basics, such as the person’s name and their title. But you might also like to include a “welcome” for when they walk through the door; or something fun like “No doorbell. Please yell DING DONG and we will answer.”
or User Door Knocker repellent

If you’re buying someone a birthday present that you want to have engraved, such as a watch or ring, glass or mug; the options for what to get engraved really just depend on your budget and how much space you have. It’s common for people to include the person’s name and their birth date, or their age, but you don’t have to stick to tradition. You might like to go for something more along the lines of a motivation or inspiration, such as the following:

  • You’re not getting older, you’re adding value
  • 80 years old? I demand a recount.
  • Let’s light the candles and celebrate this special day of your life.
  • Let your all the dreams to be on fire and light your birthday candles with that.

We touched on weddings and anniversaries in the last blog, but basically if you want to proclaim your love for someone; it’s great to include things like: My Heart is Yours, You’re My Everything, Dreams do Come True or Our love is timeless. If it’s a gift, there are options like: For All Time, Life’s a Gamble, You Won! The Future is Yours; or Love isn’t a matter of counting the years. It’s making the years count.

There’s no one in the world quite like your mum and dad and if you want to mark that by buying them something special for Mother’s Day in May, or Father’s Day in September, there are many options for gifts – including glasses, key chains, jigsaw puzzles and coasters; just to name a few. Great messages you might like to consider on these gifts include:

  • You’re the most special woman / man in my heart now and forever.
  • Throughout the years, you’ve always been by my side. Thank you.
  • Mentor, Organizer, Taxi driver, Handyman, Educator, Referee… these don’t even begin to describe all the things a mother / father has to be.
  • Because of you, I am me. Happy Mothers / Fathers Day!

It’s never easy to lose someone you love, whether they are family or pet. But being able to keep a memorial of them can help heal some of the wounds. If you’re considering investing in a memorial plaque for the garden, or you’re wanting to take some ashes home in an urn and want to mark it with love, here are some options for text you might like to include.


  • Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
  • Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
  • God’s finger touched him, and he slept.
  • A pet is never truly forgotten until it is no longer remembered.

Simple messages:

  • In Loving Memory
  • Rest in Peace
  • Forever in Our Hearts
  • Until We Meet Again
  • Much Loved
  • We Love You Always

Or something more inspirational:

  • Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened.
  • There is a link death cannot sever, love and remembrance last forever.
  • May you touch, dragonflies and stars, dance with fairies, and talk to the moon.
  • Do not stand at my grave and weep for I am not there, I do not sleep.