Depron Foam

Depron Foam
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Weight 360.00 gms
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Depron Foam, cutom printed or plain. Laser cut to your profiles for model kit construction. Highly popular for aircraft and model boats.

Extruded Foamed Polystyrene
Water repellent 100%
Density 40 kg/m²
Thermal conductivity 0,035 W/mK
Temperature range -60-+70¡
Ignition temperature 355¡
Step sound damping D lw + 16dB (DIN 552210)

Used by "Foamies" for model aircraft, boats etc.

Supply your drawings as dxf Corel, Illustrator or Freehand files
and components cut exactly to your drawings making Kit parts and replacement parts as required

UV cured printing service also availiable on sheets

Your Hobby group can supply drawings to keep on file for make up as required
Sheets pre cut or box lots can be supplied also



Aircraft Foamys in growing numbers produce amazing RC planes with electric motor power
high strength to weight ratio means it has replace balsa wood for many types of model construction

2 mm makes ideal wing skin
3, 6, and 9 mm for fuselage and support frames
Larger models use Carbon fibre reinforcements as required

Drawings can be traced and submitted back for assessment
a trial cut is recommended prior to any quantities are cut

Kits of your design can be placed online with a commission paid to designer
Many plans exist online in clubs and model component suppliers

easy to use for boats, and rail modelling, buildings etc

Other uses

  • Packaging
  • Insulation
  • Sound reduction
  • Lettering


Easily cut, creased, folded, and moulding is possible using pre warmed wooden moulds
Many sites exist showing results and examples inflight

  • Paint with water based paints
  • Glue with Water based adhesive
  • Gluing using minimal glue. great weight results using odorless cyanoacrylate (the normal CA melts polystyrene )
  • Low temperature Hot melt for fast gluing
  • PVA wood glue, Epoxy
  • Urethane
  • Ultimate RC glue ( moisture cure urethane )
  • UHU glue for foam, Gorilla Glue
    these take time to set, but excellent strength in 15-20 hours

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