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Jigsaws for weddings

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Posted: 01-05-2013 16:54
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Jigsaws for wedding invitation pieces or keepsake for bridal couple

larger pieces for signing for guest record


Wedding Jigsaws, Two areas commonly requested are

  1. Wedding Jigsaw prior to wedding usually as invitation, or as medium for guest comments

    In this situation pieces are larger in size typically 50-70 mm
    Plain finish such as laminated timber allowing guests to write their wishes and messages on the jigsaw. This creates a great keepsake which can be kepts in custom engraved timber box, or later framed to go on a wall

    Pieces can be plain timber or pre printed with soft image so writing can be easily added by guests on face or back of pieces as required.

    Custom printed as invitation pieces so guest can bring these back to wedding to be pieced into wedding puzzle
    or sign at reception.
  2. Wedding Jigsaw post wedding or anniversary, Custom printed with wedding picture of combination of pictures. This is a great memento for the couple to re capture the event at anniversaries.

Most commonly wedding jigsaws are of rectangular shape, but we are often asked to make a larger heart or special shape.

Keep in mind that producting exact count of pieces in a shape such as a heart is not an exact result as number of pieces are varied. So if for guests to write on, ensure you mention minimum number of pieces, The result will have extras over this quantity.

Example Poplar timber heart 600 x 600 mm 3 mm ply

Timber heart 600 xx 600 mm laser cut

Example timber printed jigsaw for wedding guests ( soften image ) 900 x 600 mm 3 mm ply
with matching printec box

Jigsaw printed box timberJigsaw timber 900 x 600 mm with soft tone print for wedding guests


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