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How long a sign to suit text

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Posted: 30-05-2013 11:47
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Synopsis: What sign length suits my text. A guide to length relating to number of letters.

How long a sign do i need for my text

This is a common question.

When layout for your sign is prepared to be emailed to you to check

text is adjusted to suite the sign size you have ordered

In case of one line of text, then a good formula is

height or width of sign by  25 - 50% for each letter and space you require. With all most popular fonts this will result in a balaced look on your sign.


Meeting Room 50 mm wide ( deep )   with 11 letters + 1 space :- 50*50% x 12 = 25 x 12 = 300 mm

for smaller sizes like 50 mm then 25% letters to sign width can look small

House sign 135 mm wide ( deep )  with 12 letters + 1 space :- 135 x 50% x 13 = 68 x 13 =  877 mm or with 25% 438 mm

For larger widths Most fonts adapt to suit in this range eg for 13 letters 450 -  900 mm long would be suitable Once layout is prepared with your requirements and emailed to you, you can then reveiw to advise any change you require prior to production

If you add other items eg boards, motifs, logo etc allow for these.

some signage will look better with more space around the text, in this case text is reduced to suit. 

Text can be compressed or stetched by about 30% either way without looking odd.

In the case of multiple lines there is no easy rule. If you look at your text typed on an email or document, setting each line to relevant size variation, you can judge by ratio of height to length to see whether you want a wider or narrower sign based on length which suits you.

Again when your details are prepared on layout of your sign, adjustment of size, line spacing, and any compression will be done to best balance your sign.

When you receive layout, you can then request any changes should this be necessary.


Engraved plates

eg multiple line in this case sign is 2 times longer than width

so if 300 mm long suits width of about 150 mm is right shape





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