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Blue 2A Polished Agate

Blue 2A Polished Agate
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Blue agate sections size 2A ranging 90 to 120 mm


You can choose any of sections and purchase engraved or not engraved.

Some sections if light in colour may not be ideal for engraving, but depends on piece;

any mid to dark areas engrave well.

If you wish to have photo engraved an even area of darker colour gives best result


During agate growth, the first deposit on the wall of a cavity, forming the "skin" of the agate, is generally a dark greenish mineral substance, like celadonite, delessite or "green earth", which are rich in iron probably derived from the decomposition of the augite in the enclosing volcanic rock. This green silicate may give rise by alteration to a brown iron oxide (limonite), producing a rusty appearance on the outside of the agate-nodule. The outer surface  of an agate, freed from its matrix, is often pitted and rough, apparently in consequence of the removal of the original coating. The first layer spread over the wall of the cavity has been called the "priming", and upon this base zeolitic minerals may be deposited.

Many agates are hollow, since deposition has not proceeded far enough to fill the cavity, and in such cases the last deposit commonly consists of quartz, often amethyst, having the apices of the crystals directed towards the free space so as to form a crystal-lined cavity, or geode.

On the disintegration of the matrix in which the agates are embedded, they are set free. The agates are extremely resistant to weathering and remain as nodules in the soil or are deposited as gravel in streams and shorelines.

Choose Size and texture, add your Text, choose Font.

Text will be fitted to best fit the stone, and sent to you as proof for your feedback prior to engraving.
Smaller pieces limited 2-3 lines
Mid range up to 4 lines
Larger up to 5 + lines
Any special needs describe this in the Instructions.

Polished agate engraves with crisp clear image showing fine detail

Photo can be engraved on darker areas
You can upload photo with your order, or  supply photo by email after confirmation. use Order Number as ref in email.
Submit clear photo for best results.
Proof supplied

Every piece is different in size and shape

Choose Size and Colour from Drop down list to see image of ACTUAL PIECE

Image and Price is shown for piece you have chosen

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Nancy Wehnert
Jul 7, 2012
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Hi Dennis,

Thanks so much for my lovely stones, I received them yesterday. They are so beautiful, they’ve come up well, I’m really impressed.


Nancy Wehnert
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