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Garden tag pine

Example Personalised Garden Timber tag

Made from durable treated pine timber adds a professional long lasting finish to your garden.

Plastic tags can be cut from a range of colours, and suits a more formal or technical layout.

For multiple just add a list of names ( Common followed by latin name, and date if applicable ) in the special instructions.
One per line
Timber is a Natural Product. As a result grain, colour, will vary.
Natural features in timber such a knots, growth marks, etc. will become part of finished product.

All outdoor exposed timber signs are coated with Cabot's
Natural oil with UV protector.
It is recommended an Exterior oil is rubbed into sign every 1 - 2 years to
keep the luster and colour in the wood face.
This will also reduce cracking of timber.

Engraved for permanent information


Timber Engraved Garden Marker

Timber Garden marker
100 x 42 mm Face Plate on 250 mm or 300 mm stake
Co-ordinated long lasting Taging of plants or in memory

$ 40.00
(5 reviews)  
Timber Engraved Memorial Marker

Memorial Garden marker
200 x 100 mm Face Plate on 400 mm ( 16" ) stake

$ 91.00
(2 reviews)  
Timber Engraved memorial cross

Memorial Cross Treated pine

400 x 90 mm Face Plate on 650 mm stake>

Optional with metallic plate 300 x 110 mm

$ 122.00
(1 reviews)  
Plastic Engraved Garden Marker 120 x 270 ( 10" )

Modified Acrylic
120 x 65 mm Face Plate  270 mm ( 8" ) total height
Colours available

$ 32.00
(0 reviews)  
Plastic Engraved Garden Marker 90 x 200 ( 8" )

Garden marker Modified Acrylic
90 x 50 mm Face Plate  200 mm ( 8" ) total height
Colours available

$ 23.00
(0 reviews)  
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