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News April 2016

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Laser engraving wood a renewable resource



Developments and News
April 2016
Custom Engraving and Printing


Laser engraving wood

Replenishable plantation timbers are use in all products made. Laser engraving is an ideal method for wood. The high temperature vaporises the timber. During engraving, some tannin condenses on the timber surface, this is removed with a damp cloth on completion. With most timbers the engraving is darker as a result of some burning from the laser, in all cases the grain shows up as variation in the depth giving a natural appearance to the engraving.
It is also possible with multiple engravings to produce a 3D effect in the resulting image this is done using greyscale image in negative with darkest part of image being the deepest part of the engraving.
Engraved timbers are used in Signs for House, Office, and special collection signage. Timber boxes are laser cut and engraved for sets of glasses as gifts, Weddings, Anniversary, Awards, and thank you to a special person.
Jigsaw puzzles laser cut from timber can be engrave or colour printed


Laser engraved Pine sign

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Laser engrraved wooden sign
Whisky glass engraved in timber box

Whisky glass in wooden box

single glass example in an Australian blackwood box

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Chopsticks wooden

Engraved wooden chopsticks order 1 pair or more
Dinner parties of gifts

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Timber Chopsticks engraved
Desk sign in timber

Timber desk sign

Engraved or printed Desk signs for Professional use
Brush metal plate to show your status as you wish
range of sizes and formats for every requirement

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