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News Feb 2016

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Posted: 22-02-2016 11:14
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News and information on engraving



Developments and News
Feb 2016
Custom Engraving and Printing


Laser engraving 2D vs 3D

Laser engraving is generally 2D. That is laser removes material where image exists, leaving surface unchanged where there is no image.
A less used option is 3D engraving where the depth of removed material is proportional to the shade of the image. The darker the deeper the engraving. This is used mainly for finer work as on Jewelery, particularly fine grain timbers for apparel components bracelets, and neck pendants


Example 3D timber engraving

Printed Red gum sign

Sparkle on a key chain

Crystal key holder with custom engraved name, Image, or logo. Great gift or thank you.

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Desk signs in timber or acrylic

Personalised desk signs in timber with engraved name plate. Or choose clear acrylic for stunning contemporary look.

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Heart Key ring
Printed Red gum sign

Two tone chopsticks

New two tone chopsticks custom engraved or printed in colour. 1 pair or multiple. Yellow-black or Burgundy-black

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