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News Jan 2016

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Posted: 18-01-2016 02:04
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Best wishes for 2016
Updates and news events



Developments and News
Jan 2016
Custom Engraving and Printing


Best wishes for 2016
Updates and news events

We will be emailing regular information on news and updates every 6-8 weeks
we hope this will help keep you our customer informed to what we are doing with products, and services in our specialised engraving and printing


Timber sign print and engrave

Printed Red gum sign

New timber sign exterior

New for 2016. Printed sign using UV cured inks and varnish for exterior or interior use. Combine with engraved feature text for colour and dimension on natural timber sign

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Valentine Heart Key rings

Acrylic Heart for Key ring personal names
SIngle heart or pair yin yang set. 2-3 days + Post

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Heart Key ring

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