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Hand engraving glass

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Posted: 30-10-2014 18:03
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Synopsis: Maybe you have talent to engrave your own glasses by hand with a creative touch

 Maybe you have time and talent to engrave your own glasses by hand

How to Engrave Glass

Glass engraving is an interestingly enjoyable way to design and create your beautiful and personalized household items and gifts. It is a delicate process but not as daunting as it may look. Anyone including you can engrave glassware beautifully so long as you have the right tools. Glass engraving technique once mastered gives you the go ahead to engrave other surfaces such as serving dishes and sun catchers.

Necessary tools for glass engraving

To engrave glass, you need special equipment and tools, they are as follows:

·         Tape


·         Scissors: to cut


  • Permanent marker: for making guideline marks


  • Rotary tool that is handheld and has several different tool bits: to engrave


  • Dust mask: to protect you from inhaling tiny glass particles/ glass dust


  • Goggles: to protect your eyes from being punctured by glass particles


  • Gloves: to protect your eyes from being punctured by glass particles


  • Dark-colored paper or towel: to enable you to see clearly


  • Paper towels


  • Rubbing alcohol


  • Cotton balls


Steps of engraving glass

The following are the steps when engraving glass:

Step 1:

Sketch a design on a piece of paper or print it from your computer.

Step 2:

Stick the design to the inside of your glass using a tape. In case you decide to etch a glass plaque, place the design under the plaque. Using the permanent marker, trace the design onto the surface directly. Then remove the paper.

Step 3:

Place the glass to be engraved on a surface that does not skid, while facing you. Put on the goggles, dust mask and gloves. Hold the engraving tool carefully using both hands and use it to trace over the lines you drew. Ensure you do not cut too deep into the glass.


Step 4:

Use the damp paper towel to brush off the glass dust. Use the cotton ball dipped in alcohol to remove any visible marker lines.

If you do not have time to do your own engraving

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