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Custom print ABS moulding "Hipster"

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Posted: 11-06-2015 01:18
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Design of holder for a moulded ABS plastic item to be printed

One up holder to test results prior to scale up to multiple items

Request to print an ABS moulded item

Hipster (TM)  drink holder custom print UV cured inks using white, C,M,Y,K

Once item is measured a 3 layer mdf template is designed and laser cut to hold item in precise position and alignment.

test cuts are made and checked for fit to hipster. Drawings adjusted for fit, and final form components are laser cut

Hipster fitted to form for test print

once form is glued and re-checked for fit, a blank is inserted with centre mark to test print for alignment check. Once alignment is confirmed then actual print of test item is ready to go ahead.

Print alignment to form

The final print is checked and sent for customer approval so scale up to multiple holder is ready to begin

hipster in form after printing

Scale to multiple runs.

Form is reproduced 10 across in three rows, so runs of 10,20,30 or multiples of 10 or 30 become the most economical

Hipsta 30 item print layout

Re runs the produced form is used when ever new print runs are required.

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