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Timbers for exterior signs

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Posted: 23-05-2013 16:50
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Synopsis: What timbers are suited to exterior house or promotional signs.

Timber engraved signs

Any timber could be used, but some have better properties

  • Exterior exposure
    All timber engraved signs are prepared with an oil finish unless otherwise requested.
    The reason for this it is non destructive to the timber face to renew this with wipe over with natural decking oil with UV filter at periodic intervals eg onece a year if high exposure.
  • Laser engraving produces good natural result in the engraved area of timber
    Some timbers show more conrtast with burn in timber, or strong timber grain as a result of burn
  • Colour to suit environment of timber engraved sign. 
    Lighter, Darker, Redder, are consciderations which best suit your needs.

Colour fill in the engraving

  • Most pleasing effect for a timber engraved sign, can be natural timber after the laser has burnt the image into the timber.
  • If high colour contrast is required
    • For darker timbers fill with Gold, Silver, or White/cream.
    • For lighter timbers fill with Brown or black

Timbers stocked are

  • Treated Pine
    Light in colour soft wood sometimes greenish hue as a result  of treatment. Good engraving if left natural after engraving chocolate in colour.
  • Radiata or Natural Pine
    Untreated this is suitable for interior or sheltered use only. Light in colour with good contrast in engaving
    Ideal for bar signs, and commemorative plaques.
  • Red Gum
    High density darker red wood with good grain variation and colour variation depending on section of tree.
    Engraves with good natural result or if fill gold, silver, white ( Sometimes black can be good if timber is on ligher side )
  • Jarrah
    Long straight grain Darker wood of high density with tendancy to be red, but not as red as red gum
    Natural engraving is good, but often can look better with gold or silver fill.
  • Western Red Cedar
    Light warm colour soft wood with strong grain. Natural engraving shows good contrast with highlights of grain showing up in the engraving.
  • Silky oak
    Medium density, Good engraving result but image competes with strong grain pattern, So strong simple graphic is best, or fill with brown, black or cream.
  • Huon Pine
    Fine grain softwood, with good features. Light in colour, with fine detail showing in the engraving, Contrast is not high but shadow effect from enrgaving of lighter timber looks effective in the light.
  • Ironbark grey
    This is a new timber on our range. mid tone warm colour. Highest density timber used so far.
  • American White Oak
    Pale hardwood of highest durability, High density ideal when a light timber is required
  • Cypress
    Mid tone with strong grain and tends to be knotty. This lends well to a rustic look on engraved signs
    engraving is chocolate in colour and stands out well.
  • Blackwood ( Australian wattle )
    This is beautiful timber of mid density, engraving results are excellent. It is not recommended in high exposure
    but under cover of verandah this will last well.
  • Celery pine
    Fine strong grain soft to medium density. Engraving generally best filled and colour is almost same as timber surface. Brown, black most suitable. Avoid western exposure, some shelter will help protect light colour longer.
  • Walnut
    Really only for protected areas, not generally used outside. More bar sign or plaque. Natural engraving or gold fill gives the best result.

Other timbers can be ordered subject to a minimum order.

It is often up to your taste as to what you prefer, balanced with where the sign will be placed.

For natural beauty timber signs provide a warm, inviting, and natural look

Photo's can be enrgraved in timbers but avoid photo in silky oak as grain tends to confuse the image.

Printed timber signs

We stock Weathertex 10 mm thick compressed coated hardboard for printed colour signs for exterior and interior use
By special request we can also print on any timber sign and combine colour image with engraving of text for effect.


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