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Engraving on Aluminium

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Posted: 23-05-2013 12:05
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Synopsis: Laser engraving on aluminium items

Most aluminium items are anodised.

  • The resulting surface from anodising, is harder than original aluminium
    Often used when aluminium is used outdoors e.g. window frames, architectural features.
  • Surface is also more resistant to corrosion
  • Colour of anodising depends on chemicals used in the process
    some colours are more lightfast than others.
    Common colours are:-
    • Black
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Red
      Various shades of colours are produced with varying the anodising chemicals and conditions
  • Laser engraving of the surface removed the anodising and replaces with a white aluminium oxides

As a result of engaving the image shows up as white. This is most dramatic with darker colour surfaces.

Engraved red anodised aluminium on back of camera

In case of lighter colours and particularly silver the lower contrast results in beautiful soft effect. often related to wedding items

Photo album cover anodised silver aluminium laser engraved

Another form of aluminium commonly seen is coated or powder coated aluminium

When engraved the coating is removed leaving white / silver image with pleasing results

Polished and Brushed Aluminium ( no anodised surface )

Laser will mark this surface with a crisp black image.

Brushed aluminium with black fused image on metal

This is achieved by coating with chemically active coat, then fusing this to the metal with laser. Excess coating is washed off the surface leaving black image where laser has reacted and bonded this with the metal.


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