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What can be engraved on glasses

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Posted: 13-06-2013 01:19
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Synopsis: Engraving of glasses. Some ideas and common engraving formats

Glasses are supplied with your order

You choose lines of texts you wish engraved and the font's and size of text lines relative to the first line

so second line can be larger smaller etc.

When your order is received and layout is prepared and emailed to you to review, this will be set to suit the glass type you have chosen

If a motif is chosen or your submit ( upload ) your own image or motif, this is positioned where you request.

In case of taller or thinner images these can be set to left or right of text for good effect.

Advise in the special instructions where you wish image to appear on the glass


Engraving on back of glass

Default option is engraving on face of glass only.

You can choose this option and have a separate set of text appear on the glass to what is on front

this can by usefull if glass is a presentation or gift, and you wish names of those giving listed.

You can also choose "Engrave all round glass"

  • This is a great option if you wish to enhance the results with a motif
    for example if you have heart motif, then you can explain in special instructions you would like smaller hearts spread around the glass.
  • Similarly for any other simple motif smaller versions can be added when you choose enrgave all round glass.
  • If you wish a pattern to be used around the glass, eg lace or lattice, then you can choose motif, or upload a suitable image
    then request in special instructions for this to be used as a pattern around glass
    Be sure to choose engrave round glass in Back enrgaving option

Multiple glasses with name variations

You can order item with multiple quantity to get the benefit of any volume discount

if a different name is required on each, specify this in the special instructions, and list the names in special instructions

If other lines vary in addition to name change, then you will need to order these as separate glass items added to your cart

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