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Engraving on glass VS Engraving on box

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Posted: 26-04-2013 11:56
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Synopsis: Engraving box and glass set so glass and box have different engraving

The most common questions for box glass engraved sets

1. "How do I have different engraving on glass to what is engraved on box?"

 If you fill in the texts you require on box glass sets

The glass is engraved generally with less information than on the box mainly because the space is more limited on glass

If you wish particular information not to be on the glass or something on glass which is not on the box
fill in details you require in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS


  1. On Glass please put name in Larger text with date underneath in smaller size
  2. Use Name Motif and Date only on glasses
    John's glass use rings as motif Janes use pair of hearts as motif

When you receive proof then any further change you require email with changes and update will be prepared and sent to re check.

2. "Where more than one glass in a box, Can I have different text on glasses ? "

Yes simply add in instructions details of variation


  1. Glass 1 John  Glass 2 Mary

Any comments of questions let us know

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