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Biometric images on custom engraving and printing

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Posted: 29-10-2014 15:34
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Biometric images such as hand prints and foot prints are great way to mark memorabilia especially celebration or birth or baptism.

Biometric images such as hand prints and foot prints are great way to mark memorabilia especially celebration or birth or baptism. Mothers Day and Fathers Day.

You can prepare images using washable artist paint and print onto paper. Photograph the print and upload with your order. The image will work as engraving or colour print as appropriate on your order.

Tip before pressing painted hand or foot on paper Wipe away any excess to get a clear image.

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What You Need to Know About Biometrics

Biometrics refers to human traits and characteristics’ metrics. Authentication of biometrics or realistic authentication is used in computer science as an identification form and to access control. This is also used as an identification method in surveillance groups of people.

Biometrics involves the use of identifiers. Identifiers are the measurable qualities and characteristics that are used to identify, label and describe individuals. The identifiers can be categorized as behavioural and physiological. The physiological characteristics are those related to the body shape and physique. They are as follows: palm veins, finger prints, face recognition, DNA, palm print, hand geometry, iris recognition, odour or scent, retina and many more that are not listed. Behavioural characteristics are those features or ways of life of a person that define their behaviour. They are as follows: gait, voice, typing rhythm and more. Another name for behavioural characteristics in biometric science is behaviometrics.  

The traditional methods of getting control are the token-based systems of identification. These are as follows: identification using passports, driver’s license, and knowledge based systems of identification such as passwords, personal identification numbers and many more. Biometric identifiers must be unique to you. They are more reliable and efficient than token and knowledge based methods. The challenge in collection of biometric identifiers is that they are an invasion to your personal space and privacy.

The human physiology, chemistry or behaviour is vast and many of its aspects can be used for biometric authentication. There are seven factors to be considered when choosing and assessing any trait for use as a biometric authentication factor. They are as follows: Universality: every person that uses the system should possess the trait. Uniqueness: the trait should be sufficiently different for individuals so that they can be distinguished from one another. Permanence: in the manner of trait variation over time. Measurability: the ease of measurement of the trait. Performance:  the accuracy, speed, and robustness of technology used. Acceptability: how well you will accept the technology. Circumvention:the ease with which a trait might be imitated using a substitute.

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