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Wooden desk signs for professionals

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Posted: 30-10-2018 11:01
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Desk signs for professionals

A wooden based desk sign is well tested and used way to show who you are, and your status

From simple or more show. Check out what you can say about yourself

Wooden desk signs  for the professional


New graduate or established in your business. You can present your information of who you are in a quiet and respectful way.

Red gum desk sign with engraved gold brush plate

Use the time tested way with engraved brush metallic plate on your choice of timber base.

Various sizes are made to order. Each item when ordered is drawn up and emailed to you for your checking prior to production. You can choose to have your logo  engraved or printed in colour.

Check the many varieties to suit your situation and image. You can also have door sign made to compliment what you have on your desk.

See range of Office and Desk signs

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