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Unique business cards | timber business cards

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Posted: 25-07-2014 14:02
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Business cards in timbers or plastics of your selection, printed in colour with white inks and clear gloss highlights as an option.

Other materials with unique results are Polypropylene in range of stock colours

Wooden Business cards

Selection of timbers to choose specially laminated thin 3 ply to suit timber business cards ( 0.6 mm thick )

Mahogany for business cards
Botanical name – Swietenia macrophylla
Mahogany wood species is grown all over south India as it is a very commercially viable wood species for its fast growth and value. Local plantations are very predominant. This has an attractive color and finish which makes it a good specie for cards. Lighter color printing is recommended.
Kadaplavu timber for business cards
Vernacular name – Kaattu kadaplavu
Kpla wood species has a double shade appearance which makes it very unique in a printed card. It is a native Indian origin tree from the Jack fruit family.  It is grown in the back yards for its seasonal fruits. Dark color printing would be ideal in this species.
Red Cedar
Red cedar for business cards
Botanical name – Toona Ciliata
The cedars are largely grown for its value as a shade tree in Cardamom and coffee estates in Kerala and Karnataka States of India. Mostly Pink to red brown in color and has the camphor smell which makes it special. Lighter color printing is recommended. This wood species is rotary peeled.
Walnut of Laurel for business cards
Botanical name – Terminalia Crenulata
Trees grow extensively in forest and plantation region in South India and extracted from sustainable plantations adjacent to tea estates. Laurel produces veneers with prominent grains in black colour on dark brown shades. Laurel veneers are obtained by special process in Rotary cutting. white print with color overprint on cards is required .

Poypropylene Business cards

Waterproof and almost indestructable range of colours 0.6 mm thick 


Translucent clear


Gold PMS871

Silver PMS877

Copper PMS7522

Short runs of high impact business cards are ideal where you can justify a little more cost to get a card that is going to be kept and shown to others. You can choose from selection of materials and shapes

Printing is using high definition inkjet using UV cured inks to produce robust print with high lightfast pigmented inks

Colour inks are used which will print high definition photographic results with your Logo or photo
on darker materials a white ink under print is used to ensure any light colours will stand out.
White or pale coloured text is most appropriate on Dark timbers or colours.

A gloss over print can be applied to highlight your logo or image
Raised image using multiple gloss over prints can be applied and an option

The results are stunning with a crisp image on unusual materials making business cards that are noticed.


Your can order any shape or size you wish, as these are laser cut so no dies are required.

Standard sizes and shapes are based on 90 x 50 mm outline

Round corner 3 mm ratdius on 4 corners

Large corner 20 mm radius on 2 oposite corners

Large single 20 mm radius on 1 corner

Square corners

Standard business card shapes

Quantities you can order in multiples of 20


Your order is converted to a design layout which is emailed to you for your review. Once changes are approved your order is produced.

Please contact us for further information.

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