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Top 10 Favourite Engraved Gifts

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Posted: 05-07-2016 16:14
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Engraved gift ideas some of the more popular ones

If you’ve ever found yourself going to a party or special event and thinking “what can I bring as a gift?” then this article is for you! It’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose gifts that are unique, valuable and memorable, with the increase of mass-produced, generic products, and the gift recipients who already seem to have everything. Here we discuss 10 favourite gift ideas that are beautiful, unique and personalized because they are engraved. These gifts already have a track record of being loved because they are among the favourite gift choices available! Read on to learn more.

  1. Jewellery

Laser cut and printed acrylic pendant

Example laser cut and printed acrylic pendant made to order.

Personally engraved jewellery is one of the most delightful and classic engraved gifts available, one that has doubtlessly been popular for decades. Engraved jewellery can help commemorate the most special event for a lifetime and lock in love for eternity, captured in the message set in a precious metal. Engraved jewellery is the ideal choice for those special, close, loved ones.

2 Plates

Printed bridal plate

Example of printed bridal sign on simulated aged wood

If it’s a major and special event you are commemorating, such as a big anniversary or prize, an engraved plate is a gift that is sure to stun your beloved recipient. As ornamental home pieces, engraved plates can be used as part of a special event, and as a cherished reminder of the event for years to come.

3 Casts

Hand and foot engraved on timber

Example of hand and foot print on timber

Engraving or print of precious new hands and feet are becoming ever more popular as parents want to cherish the memory of their children for years to come, or to capture the memory of a loved one at a moment in time. These can also be engraved, with the date, names or a message to commemorate the occasion.

4 Photo Frames

Photo frame pair Tasmanian Ash

Example pair photo's Timber frame of engraved Tasmanian Ash

A picture says a thousand words so the saying goes. But if you want to add some words to your favourite picture, the best way to do that is with an engraved photo frame. Engraved frames are an incredibly elegant, beautiful and touching way to give a gift, that allows you to share a special photo memory with the recipient, as well as your own personal message engraved in the frame. The frame can be a range of materials, including metal, glass or wood.

5 Glasses

Shot glasses engraved 21 st birthday

Example shot glasses engraved for 21st birthday

Sets of engraved glasses make the perfect gift for occasions such as engagements or weddings, as this beautiful gift can capture the event as well as be a keep sake that the couple can keep throughout their lives and hand down through the generations. Glasses can be laser engraved for the perfect style and message, and even with your own choice of message.

6 Coasters

Coasters custom printed glass gift wrapped

Example glass coasters custom printed in Gift wrapped box

While coasters might not be the first gift thought of, they actually make an incredibly attractive and versatile gift that is perfect for anyone. You can choose your own message, style or image to be laser engraved onto the coaster of your choice. The coasters can be glass, timber or metallic, engraved or cut to fit your perfect design and style.

7 Tableware

Cutting board engraved heart and text

Example wooden cutting board engraved to order

Another unique and different personalised gift idea is customized and engraved tableware, such as cutlery and napkin holders. Chopsticks are a really fun and gorgeous engraved gift idea and make the perfect gift for a housewarming or wedding.

8 Key Rings

Engraved key ring in timber gift display

Example Rosewood key ring engraved to order

Got a special someone who can never seem to find their keys? Choose a personalised keyring to help them keep all their important keys in one place, while also providing a gorgeous and attractive gift.

9 Bottles

engraved decanter bottle

Example of engraved decanter bottle

Decanter or wine carafe engraved with family crest or logo is great gift for the entertainer or proud bar owner. You can also have your own wine or spirit bottles custom engraved for commemoration of a special event. Maybe a custom engraved timber wine box for a special person.

10 Personalised Puzzle

Printed jigsaw in timber box for baby

Example printed timber jigsaw in timber box

For a special gift that keeps your recipient busy, choose a customized jigsaw puzzle, engraved with your own message or image. Kids and adults alike will get hours of fun out of this special, thoughtful gift.

Never be at a loss as to what gift you should give again! With these ideas for the perfect engraved gifts, your choice is easy, and the gifts are sure to delight and captivate their recipients.

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