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Solar power to save on costs

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Posted: 17-04-2018 09:53
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Save power cost with Solar

with most production in daytime we can make good benefit from solar panels.

After long look at power used to run Engraving and related fans, compressor, and air conditioning for print room.

We installed 6.8 Kw solar array in December 2017. Over the first few months we were averaging over 40 kWh of power output

to date we have generated 4 mWh of power.

Now with shorter days and cloudy conditions the average is more like 25 kWh. Either way we are saving on outgoings significantly. Power companies in Melbourne are very slow to provide and feedback or credit on excess power fed to grid. In our case Red Energy only provide quarterly view of net result. With first quarter, although we had been registered for grid feeding credit, their last bill did not show this. "They will do so on next one". Our usage has shown significant drop of about 50% so far. This will be less in winter months.

Our initial aim was to put in battery storage with ability to continue on blackout. This is important as last time this occurred during engraving, the cost of lost items was in thousands of dollars.

So far it is looking that this step although costly per kWh would take 5-7 Years to pay back. ( Solar PV on the other hand will show full pay back in 4 Years )

After a winter, we will look at gain and payback in more detail for expanding solar array, and add battery storage

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