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Solar update

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Posted: 12-03-2019 17:15
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We are increasing our solar PV this month

With results from last 12 months, We are expanding solar power production to further reduce carbon footprint, and costs,

The results from 15 months of Solar power generation has reduced cost of power showing good return on initial investment.

As a result we are expanding PV arrays to a total of 15 Kw.

We have taken expert advise from Matthew Wright of Pure Electric with installation through Solar Gain PV

both offer great support and insight into achieving best energy saving and production

Panels being installed are 28 x 325 W each ( QCELLS Peak Duo G5 ) vs original panels 22 x 290 W ( JA M 290W SLV (MC4)  ). We are updating the older panels with Solar edge optimisers, So all panels a total of 50 will now be mapped so a report on individual performance can be seen. This also will improve array strings that are subject to either early morning or late afternoon shadows. Ensuring best output is achieved throughout the day. As time goes on any individual panels which are not producing as they should will be automatically reported, and replacement can be arranged.

Inverter is being replaced by Solar edge 10 Kw HD wave unit which will give much better reporting on Generation, power consumption, and grid feed, 

With the increased production of power we should cover our usage through most of the winter, From Spring to Autumn any excess will be either sold. or go into Tesla Power wall II.

The Tesla Power wall II is on order and is due for installation in next 6-8 weeks. This will ensure production can be scaled back in a blackout or power failure. and keep partial production going during early evening with enough power for servers and air conditioning of machines running through the night. This will mean no wasted production when a blackout has occurred.

Estimates are that we will be close to Zero power footprint when all is online.


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