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Meeting Room sliding signs

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Posted: 08-11-2013 16:10
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Synopsis: Signs with sliding panel to show status of room or item. Meeting room, In Use, Examination room, and similar applications where usage of room needs to be shown.

Signs with sliding panel

used to cover or uncover room status are commonly used for Meeting rooms. with status such as In Use and Vacant.

The most common size is 300 mm with 40 mm width track

Track is aluminium in Black or silver to suit your decor.

Engraved plates in these signs can be replaced should a change be required later. The sliding plate ( about half length of the sign ) is often engraved with the name of the room or purpose.

eg First Aid room 1, Dish Washer, Conference Room, Interview Room. Training Room. etc.

The room status behind the slider plate is often in highlight colour so quick visual status is obvious

eg In use   Vacant 

Signs are usually ordered with adheisive on the back of the supplied sign for easy mounting on door or walls.

Sliding signs are ideal for Medical examination rooms, Meeting rooms, Training rooms, Interview rooms, tool storage, and similar situations where status is required on display

Other sizes from the standard can be made should you require. Please contact us for requirements not shown in listed sizes



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