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Shot glass choices

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Posted: 09-05-2014 16:13
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Synopsis: Shot glasses stocked for engraving and what best suits your needs

Shot glass size

Shot glass is designed to hold or measure spirits or liquor. typically 30 - 60 ml
1 oz = 30 ml refered to as "pony"  As a measure this is often called a "jigger"

Glasses are are often decorated for the event, or social meeting, or celebration.

Engraved Shot glasses are popular for Weddings, 21'st and any celebration.
the most common naming is shot glass, but also known as toasting glass.

Laser engraving on your chosen custom shot glass will be a smokey white, and is permanent,
Engraving cannot be removed by washing or dishwahser.

You can order single shot glass, or multiple as you require.
( original packs are in lots of 6 )
Timber box sets can be ordered for single, pair, triplet and sets of six per engraved timber box.
these are perfect for special presentations, and 21st birthday gift sets

Three types of shot glasses are stocked for engraving.

Dublino shot glass

 these are round glass with solid heavy base.

Two sizes 57 ml and 30 ml.

  • 57 ml  glass weighs 134 gms each
    these are ideal if you have a motif or image you wish engraved
    this will fit along with 2-3 lines of text well
  • 30 ml  glass weighs 109 gms each
    being smaller these are more difficult to fit motif unless you choose option of back engraving
    in this case motif can more easily fit on other side of glass
    if you have a small motif then this can be fitted on same side as text

Piaza Shot glass

  • 50 ml weight 120 gms each with square heavy glass base
  • Being a square base these glasses are much more econimical to engrave in quantities
    so if you have a larger requirement these will not only become more economical,
    they produce a stylish result
  • A small graphic or logo will fit on one side,
    or if larger logo, this may be better with back engraving option

When you place your order for your custom shot glasses, a layout will be drawn up and emailed to you so you can check and approve prior to actual engraving taking place.

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