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Radiata pine (Pinus radiata)

Radiata pine  (Pinus radiata)
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Radiata pine
(Pinus radiata)

Radiata Pine has a wide range of applications and uses, combined with ability to tolerate variable sites and rainfall, making it a perfect renewable plantation species. Radiata pine is a versatile, fast growing and popular plantation species with almost 700,000 hectares planted in Australia. It is native to North America occurring at three mainland sites in California, USA, and two island populations off the coast of Mexico.

Radiata Pine was introduced to Australia in the 1850s as an ornamental tree and was soon identified as a suitable plantation species for a range of sites. The plantations in the ACT were first established as part of Walter Burley Griffin's plan to reforest the eroded hills and provide timber resources for the growing city of Canberra.

It is a versatile species with a number of characteristics ideal for use in plantations, such as:

  • Seed is easily collected and rapidly germinated;
  • Plants are easily raised in nurseries;
  • Seedling survival is good;
  • Suited to a considerable range of growing conditions;
  • Rapid growth after thinning;
  • Quick healing of pruning wounds;
  • Ability to be easily improved via tree selection and breeding; and
  • Fast growing, maturing in about 30 years.
Radiata pine is one to the world's most versatile softwoods. It is called a softwood tree because the wood does not have pores like hardwood trees do, but it has long fibres or tracheids. The name softwood does not relate to the hardness or density of the timber, in fact Radiata Pine is harder than many hardwoods such as poplars and balsa.

As Radiata Pine has a wide range of applications and uses, it no wonder that it has become one of the most widely grown exotic timber species in the world. Some of the timber properties which make this species so popular include:

  • The wood's finishing and woodworking properties mean that it is ideally suited to a wide range of high value end uses;
  • It has a medium density with light colouration;
  • The timber has uniform texture and relatively straight grain;
  • The wood has excellent treatment drying, machine, finishing, staining, gluing and laminating properties;
  • It is extremely easy to season and can be kiln-dried rapidly from green;
  • In core twisting can be minimised by good stacking and restraint;
  • The timber is non-durable, but it can be readily treated with preservative; and
  • The wood is prone to sap stain attack, but this can be combated by a dip treatment.

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