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Guide to entering your details for House signs

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Posted: 27-03-2014 17:06
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Synopsis: Outline of information required to order your sign a guide to what to enter on your order.

Timber signs engraved with laser burning away timber to reveal grain and burnt effect

Most common with ( height ) is 135 mm others are 72mm and 50 mm in each case you can then choose length to suit your sign placement

Text and any image will be set to fit size you choose so do not worry too much about this aspect


  • Length
    • Choose your length to best suit your sign placement. Yes longer text may require longer sign, but text will be adjusted along with any image you choose to best fit the sign. When you receive layout to check you can always request change to length ( price will vary )
  • Material ( Timber )
    • A list of timbers to choose is available for each product. Price may vary with you choice of timber
      net price is shown as you change your choice
  • Metallic plate
    • Traditional old signs for Doctors, Solicitors, had a gold or silver plate mounted on timber to show a high status, You too can choose this option
  • Optional Border
    • You will notice on various examples some have boarders some no border. A good result is always had with scalloped border single or double line as the scallop provided ideal corner to place mounting holes.
  • Shape
    • rectangular is good, but sometimes random, or other shape can better show feel of what you wish.
  • Your Text
    • One line or more enter your text and note any special instructions for anything special
      eg lines are centred unless you specify, but sometimes an additional line you may wish to be to right or left and smaller, maybe in italic or whatever you fancy. just mention it and layout will be set to your request and you can reveiw when you receive email of you initial layout.
  • Font.
    • There are many fonts a selection is shown in fonts list. or you can request others which we will source if required
  • Image
    • You can upload any image at time or adding your order to shopping basket, or you can email others later once you receive initial layout. You can also select Motifs from our library, or ask if it is not shown as we have many on file.
  • Optional fill
    • The natural burn of laser produces a pleasing effect with recess of engraving in a darker colour than the original timber. This is the most popular choice
    • If you wish a higher contrast you can choose black or white fill,
      on darker timbers like Red gum and Jarrah Gold or silver fill gives a good contrast and stylish result
  • Mounting
    • Most common are mounting holes usually one in each corner. Should you wish to mount on stake or post, mention in Special Instructions and holes will be set to suit post
    • Stainless Steel eye bolts are a good option if you wish to hang your sign
  • Special Instructions
    • Advise any positioning of text or image
    • Images supplied can be engraved or Colour printed
    • Advise which lines if any have Optional Fill Colour
    • Advise any other requirements.
      Request any image you would like in special Instructions

Proof of your order will be emailed to you prior to engraving.
Any final changes can be advised at that time

See Timber engraved signs

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Comments on Guide to entering your details for House signs

Dennis Hughes 01-04-2014 01:41
Font will not change price. Once you choose length, and timber, price will change with the following options: Metallic Plate, Border, Image, and Mounting.
Tommy Pohlner 31-03-2014 21:03
a price on a 600mm x 135mm treated pine house sign reading POHLNER'S PATCH. Still to decide font.

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