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Getting in early: Great ideas for Christmas presents before the rush

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Posted: 14-10-2016 14:19
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Christmas might still be a couple of months away, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be planning for it already
Reindeer for Tree Decoration

Christmas might still be a couple of months away, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be planning for it already. You may have already booked in holiday accommodation where your family gathers for the holidays, and you may even have planned what you are going to be cooking this year. If you have a large family, chances are you need to spread out the gift budget over a few months to make sure everyone is looked after and catered for. Finding the right gifts within your budget constraints can be difficult, but it can be done. 
When it comes to catering for a broad range of personalities, you have thousands of options for gifts, but if you want it to be really personalised, a great idea to do this is with engraving, hand-painting or etching. The age old art of engraving dates back over half a million years, and although a little different to what it was way back then, the basis is still the same. Modern technology now makes it very easy to customise gifts, the same way the ancient Indonesians carved inscriptions and images on shells, and bones. Unique and personalised, it’s one of the best ways to show someone how much you care. 
Because there are so many different ways to impress with a customised gift, we have put together the perfectly diverse range of Christmas gifts that can be personalised for anyone. 

Photo Albums: 

Photo albums are a fantastic gift for the family member who likes to hold onto precious memories in the one place. With modern digital technology, and with online storage available for all of your photographs and files, the personal touch has somewhat been lost. Physical photo albums will show generations to come that photographs were once something you held in your hands and looked at, not something you scrolled and swiped on a screen. The perfect way to reconnect the generations is through physical photographs, and for the perfect storage, a customised photo album is the key. 
Metal portrait portfolio photo album 

Photo Album Aluminium face Custom engrave or colour printed
A classic cloth bound refillable photo album with a brushed aluminium cover is great for engraving a personalised message, and can be shared for generations to come. 
Combo Wood Photo Album 
Timber photo album with engraving and colour photo print
Another great option for photo albums are a Combo Wood Photo Album crafted from Rosewood and Maple. These albums hold up to two hundred 4x6 inch photos, and can be personalised with text and an engraved Monogram, Photo, or Drawing. 

Photo Frame family jigsaw frames
Single jigsaw frame Bamboo engraved text
Build a memory with annual additions using frames of timber cut to be jigsaw pieces to take a new addition each year

Personalised Glassware: 

For the family member who loves a drink, there are many options available, whether they are a whiskey lover, a beer drinker or a wine connoisseur. A genuinely unique way to present a set of drinking glasses as a gift is in a customised engraved or etched timber box or carry case, and your family member will remember every time the go to have a drink, just how much you think of them. There are a number of great options available, and here are a few to get your mind ticking over. 
285ml Beer glass engraved Set 2 in timber box 
Box 2 beer glasses engraved in Australian blackwood timber box
A set of 2 engraved beer glasses are perfect for the beer loving family member. ( set 4 )Their drinking buddies will be in awe as they open the personalised timber box to see their name and message engraved on the glasses themselves. 
Whisky Glass set 4 Carry Box 
Whisk glass set engraved in timber carry box
For the whiskey lover, the choice glass is a very personal thing for the drinker. A whisky tumbler is used to serve Scotch and other whisky straight or with on the rocks, however some whisky lovers prefer a rounded glass for more expensive whiskies. Why not get the whisky lover a set of 4 Whisky glasses in an engraved timber carry box? 
Rona boxed wine glass 
Wine glass pair engraved in red gum box
For the wine lover, a boxed set of Rona wine glasses with an engraved message complete with a personalised timber box is the perfect gift. And why not top it off with a customised engraved 700mL decanter bottle with stopper, with a personalised photo crest or message for your loved one. 
Whether its memories to share, or memories to create, there’s a way to personalise for anyone, but personalised gifts need to be purchased early so you beat the Christmas rush. 

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