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Family photo frames expandable with interlocking jigsaw shape

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Posted: 28-02-2014 17:41
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Customer requests for a photo frame which you can add more later for growing family or family tree collection.

Various solutions have led to a timber frame with jigsaw format with a symmetry allowing interlocking frames to be added as you require.

Family Photo Frames

After a series of customer orders for one off photo frames a new Family photo frame has been added to range.

The focus was on frame to satisfy most common prints of 100 x 150 mm ( 4" x  6" )

  • Requirement was a timber frame which could be custom engraved with any message or images to enhance photos you have
  • Allow subsequent photo's to be added at a later date.
  • Ensure easy location on your wall, and relocation should you require.
  • Create a pleasing effect on wall as more additions are made
  • A variety of timbers to enhance result when mixed together

A design was based on 250 mm square with each side turned onto a piece of jigsaw puzzle so each peice could intelock with the next

It was also found then a central point was a good start, so a Double unit with two pieces as one was core to the product. from this additional single or offspring frames can be added at any time.

How to mount with frames interlocking? after trying many methods, it was found 3M had already thought out the perfect solution
Command 3M hanging strips. Each frame is supplied with a pair of strips, These make adding new frames a breeze, Moving frames is also possible, as strips can be fixed to frame for a new position, and old strips can be removed from wall with no damaging marks. This makes for a great method as it works today and in any future requirement,

Text can be engraved in any font, horizontal or vertical format if required. Fonts chosen are used to prepare layout of your order, with any resizing of text made to best suit fame you are ordering, This layout is emailed to you for approval or request for change. Once you are happy with the final layout, then your sign is produced and engraved.

We hope you also find this a good system to display your loved ones. Family trees can be expanded as your grow.

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Comments on Family photo frames expandable with interlocking jigsaw shape

Sue Murphy 03-03-2014 18:24
What a great idea these picture frames are. I love mine they are so amazing when you get them all together with various family member shots!

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