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2017 view of future

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Posted: 11-01-2017 17:35
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How MyChoice@Firebridge can grow and expand as of 2017

MyChoice@Firebridge has plenty of scope to expand within existing production facilities.

with current machinery we can grow volume by over 500% within a normal workday. Equipment for engraving, Printing, and material preparation is well under utilised. Machines are in Warranty contracts, and have at least 5 years of expected good life

Products can be expanded and marketing can be reviewed and adapted to higher volume

To really grow personalised product services and enlarge size of items and process methods we have reached our physical limit within current location. 

How To relocate by partner, sale, amalgamation, or other means:

To achieve relocation, we are best to consider our business, and think of new or additional owners to join and manage with a long term view. New blood and thinking would also expand the horizon and offer other possible avenues to expand.

To plan for larger machinery in the coming years a factory set up with larger floor area and material handling to suit must be put in place. 

This step requires adding people and new factory with interest in Laser engraving and Sheet printing with UV cured inks.

The current market areas are primarily within home uses and offices.
New markets need to be evaluated to help steer a plan for equipment and new strategies.

If you have an interest in this type of business and transition required, then please contact in confidence with your details, interest and background.

As the owner operator of MyChoice@Firebridge, I am happy to continue with my knowledge for a few years, but would plan to retire to part time or totally as may suit any new owner.

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