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Memorial Plates

Corian Memorial plate examples

Corian is produced by Dupont, it is made in a large range of colours.
Mychoice stocks a limited range of most requested colours in 12 mm thickness.

Colours stocked are:

  • Black quartz Black with fine flecks
  • Nocturne Solid black
  • Aurora Sand stone
  • Pompie Rust red
  • Cobalt blue
  • Malachite Green
  • White

Made for bench topes it is weather and water resistant, it is also very tough.
This overcomes common problem of marble which tends to crack along natural veins

Memorial plaque for horse Nocturne colour engraved photo white text in gold 200 x 300 mm

Horse memorial Nocturne 200 x 300 mm
Engraved photo with white fill
Engraved text with gold fill

Memorial plaque corian pompei rust red with gold engraving

Memorial plate 200 x 300 mm
Corian pompei rust red with gold engraving

Dog memorial plaque Corian Aurora engraved black with colour photo

Dog memorial Corian Aurora 200 x 300 mm
Engraving with black fill
Colour photo print for exterior use

memorial plaque with colour print on Corian Aurora stone

Memorial plate 200 x 250 mm Corian Aurora
Landscape format with Colour photo
Text and paw prints engraved with black fill

Horse memorial plaque engraved corian stone Black quartz gold fill and colour photo

Horse memorial plaque 200 x 200 mm Corian black quartz
Engraving with gold fill, Colour print
4 Mount holes

Dog memorial on desk stand corian stone black quartz with colour print and gold engrving

Dog memorial Corian stone black quartz 200 x 200 mm
Made with optional stand
Engraving with gold fill, and colour photo print

Memorial plate engraved corian stone black quartz Colour print and gold engraving

Horse memorial plaque Corian black quartz 200 x 200mm
Engraving with gold fill, Colour printed photo.
Mount holes all made for exterior exposure

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