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Examples of engraved box glass sets

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This range is changing as more request come for individual and glass sets in feature engraved timber boxes.
Each box is made to order with your engraving to match with glasses you choose.
Timber range enables you to create a distinct item to be kept forever

Colour photo /  Image Can be printed on timber box lid
Not on glass with exceptions of Whisky, Square tumber, and Square Shot glasses
All glasses otherwise are engraved result is smoky white image in the glass

All orders are kept on file so if you require additional glasses later they can be recalled as you originally ordered.

Shot glass single engraved in Blackwood timber box

Shot glass box set. Engraved glass in engraved blackwood timber box

Set 3 Shot glass box sets timber boxes with engraved metal plates

Shot glass 57 ml engraved with blackood timber box
box with engraved brush metal plates

Shot glass box set 6 engraved glasses

Shot glass 57 ml set 6 in engraved timber box
For different engraving on glass to box, specify in special instructions when ordering

Pair wine glasses box set engraved with colour print on box

Pair wine glasses. Engraved in blackwood timber box
Lid of box with engraving and colour print

Pair wine glasses engraved in red gum timber box

Red gum box engraved with pair wine glasses

Whisky glass box set 4 Printed and engraved box with engraved glasses

Whisky glass box set of 4
Engraved glass, Timber box of Tasmanian ash with colour print and engraving

Whisky glass pair box set blackwood timber

Whisky glass pair box set in blackwood timber box
engraved glasses and box with logo

Whisky glass pair engraved in timber carry box

Whisky glass pair engraved in timber carry box

Wine box set engraved in jarrah timber boxes with gold fill in engraved box

Wine glass box sets
single and pair Boxed of Australian Jarrah engraving on box with gold fill

Wine glass set 6 engraved in timber carry box

Wine glass set 6 engraved in timber carry box


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