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Wooden Box Glass sets

Laser Engraved Timber Box and glass.

Presentation Box glass sets are ideal for Awards. They are collectable keepsakes as prize, thank you or special occasion. As  personalized box and glasses,  champagne flute box set is an ideal wedding gifts for Bride and Groom. For the wedding party, select from range of champagne glasses, shot glasses, tankards, whiskey glasses, and a range of others,
Ideal thank you for parents to keep as a memento.
For Anniversary gifts these are well remembered personal treasure. Most popular is pair of engraved champagne glasses.
Timber engraved prentation box provides long term storage with your message kept for all time.
Champagne flute, Shot, White Wine, Red Wine, Beer, Pilsner, Tankard, HiBall, Whiskey, Tumbler, etc.
Popular items are
Select and configure your set online from products below.
Examples of Box Glass sets

 You can choose Motif or upload your own image

To have colour image printed on box lid Choose
"Upload your own colour photo"
The same image can be engraved on glass but not in colour

Laser produces a smokey white etching in glass, while timber engraves with a recess darker than original timber, but varies with different timbers.

Printed Box sets
Printed Box sets
1 products


Whisky pair engraved in Box

Whisky glass set engraved Pair in timber box
Choose your text and optional motif

$ 91.00
(1 reviews)  
Whisky 4 in Box

Whisky glass set engraved in timber Box 4
Choose your text and optional motif

$ 154.00
(4 reviews)  
Whisky Glass set 4 Carry Box

Whisky glass set of 4 in engraved timber carry box

Smart bar storage display box and glass engraved set

great gift set

$ 128.00
(0 reviews)  
Whisky 6 in Box

Whisky Box 6
Choose timber, your text and optional motif

$ 192.00
(0 reviews)  
HiBall Tumbler single in Box

Hi Ball / Tumbler engraved in timber box; Single
Choose your text and optional motif

$ 64.00
(2 reviews)  
Whisky pair Shot pair in box

Pair whisky glasses and pair shot glasses engraved in timber box
Choose your text and optional motif

$ 170.00
(0 reviews)  
HiBall Tumbler Pair in Box

Hi Ball / Tumbler engraved Pair in timber box
Choose your text and optional motif

$ 101.00
(0 reviews)  
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