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Anatomy of a printed wooden sign

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Posted: 02-01-2016 11:29
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Guide to designing a printed wooden sign. Use your photo, logo, or painting to create a long lasting timber sign in colour

Ideal for house, bar, room, and informational signs where natural look of timber will show warmth and natural look.

Wooden signs printed in colour enable natural timber finish to be enhanced with colour. Using your cherished photo or painting you can create a unique sign with a home made look but with high detailed images which will stand test of time indoor or outdoors.

Choose your timber

Only high stability timbers are used. These are sealed and coated with Urethane Acrylic for long life. In case of treated pine only Accoya® wood is sourced from sustainable sources, including FSC® and has class leading environmental credentials such as Cradle to Cradle™ Gold certification by the highly prestigious McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) organization.

All other timbers are kiln dried and have excellent dimensional stability

NOTE Untreated Pine is not recommended for exterior use, but is ideal option for bar and internal room signs. Or use under protective eves or verandah.

Colour images

At time of adding your order to cart you can upload up to 3 images.
You can also request an image to be sourced by explaining what you require in Special instructions

Text can be printed in colour, white, or black ( you can optionally request text to be laser engraved either in natural timber finish of coloured after engraving )

Example shown is oval Treated pine with three images combined for a Cottage effect to go with Text "Ladybird Manor" Size is 400 x 200 mm
in this case the text is engraved and coloured with a black fill.

the images used are

Floral spray in mirror image on left and right hand side.

Floral spray image example

Grass to fill in the base of sign under text

Grass image for base of sign

Ladybird image to go on grass

ladybird image to go on grass

Combined together the resulting layout used with 2 mounting holes and text in Black Chancery font:-

Layout for Ladybird Manor sign

When you plan your sign you may not be sure of how it will look. This is no problem as once we have your order and any instructions, we will prepare a layout or various options for you to review, Once you are happy with the final layout then your sign can be made.

From approval production will take in the order of 7-10 days. There are a number of steps preparing the timber, sealing and finishing, Printing and varnishing with UV protective print, and engraving text if engraving is required.

Postage time will depend on Country, Post code, and method of postage chosen

We welcome you to submit your order to have your custom wooden sign designed for your approval.

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