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Acrylic Sign materials

Acrylic laminates are used in many of our products.
We stock a range of these for engraving signs and plates used in many applications.
Engraved signs and plates offers permanence and quality of  texture.
Most common of these are


  • FlexiChoice Acrylic Adaptable to curved surfaces
    FlexiChoice acrylic sign
    Optional Adhesive Back
  • MaxiChoice Acrylic For Exterior and Interior
    Most Popular For All types of sign materials
    Maxi choice acrylic sign
    Optional Adhesive Back
  • LightChoice PolyCarbonate For Exterior and Interior
    High Abrasion Resistance
    Adhesive Back
    Light choice acrylic adhesive
  • ReverseChoice Acrylic Interior Reverse engraved
    Suitable for back lighting or colouring
    Reverse choice acrylics
    Optional Adhesive Back
  • MagChoice Magnetic sheet UV Stable

We also stock Clear Cast Acrylics for engraved signs and laser cut components.
Clear Acrylic signs reverse engraved are ideal for side lighting.

Most common stocked are 2mm 3mm and 6 mm

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